What is a Groundbreaker?

groundbreaker, [ground-brey-ker ], n:

  1. one that innovates: PIONEER
  2. one that challenges the status quo

It takes intelligence, ingenuity, know-how, grit, pragmatic creativity, teamwork, and more to succeed in construction.

At Procore we are proud to help those who build the world with our deep focus on construction, technology that makes it easier to get the job done, and a sense of partnership to help drive the whole industry forward.

And we celebrate those who are pushing the boundaries of construction – on the site, from the office, through their careers and roles, or with projects they choose and the businesses they build – as Groundbreakers.

For us that means the men and women in the industry who are pushing forward to create new horizons, while reaching back to bring new people into the world of building and new ideas that make it all possible.

Groundbreakers are the relentless professionals who believe that “good enough,” is never good enough. They are the leaders who inspire, despite the odds. And they are inspired by the opportunity to set the standard and build something new. Groundbreakers are team players because they know that insurmountable challenges are only solved when everyone pitches in. And they are champions of the cutting edge. They are dedicated to discovering, evaluating, and embracing the kind of technology that can move the needle.

Tooey Courtemanche
Tooey Courtemanche
Ceo and Founder

Meet our Groundbreakers

Individuals and companies are Groundbreakers.

Some are taking a family business to the next level. Some are just starting out against the odds. Others are fearlessly building truly new things in places where they said it couldn’t be done. And still others are simply leading the way to open the doors of opportunity for others that have traditionally been on the outside of construction looking in.

Community builders are Groundbreakers.

Seeing a need and doing something about it are two different things for many. But Groundbreakers take action where others might not. Sometimes that’s as obvious as helping to train vets to master construction skills that help them find a place in the industry. Other times, it’s organizing the forces necessary to build homes and shelter for those who’ve lost everything in a natural disaster. Sometimes it is both.

Projects are groundbreaking.

While many construction projects are hard to get underway and done, Groundbreaker projects often meet particularly difficult challenges that others might give up on. Like building a skyscraper over a working trainyard.

To meet more Groundbreakers visit our Groundbreaker Profiles hub or check out the winners of our Groundbreaker Awards.

Are you a Groundbreaker? Join us.

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