Driving Vision

We make all kinds of films: Demos, Anthems, Groundbreaker Spotlights, and Customer Films. This part of the Brand Guide will take you through some of the fundamentals for Customer Films. These films, usually high-touch interview-based narratives, take a closer look at how a company or group uses Procore on a project or to drive their company vision.

Best Practices

People/Company First

Our films should showcase our clients and the people that work for them first and foremost. They are the champions of the construction world. Procore is a part of their journey to grow their success.

Photography Matters

Always try to get photographers on the site with you. Photography is used in a lot of marketing assets and is just as important as getting the video content. See the photography section for more information.


Customer Story Examples

Oxford Properties Group

Allegiant Stadium, Las Vegas

Dolan Concrete


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