Guidance for content pieces used in multiple regions.

In order to accommodate language differences and scalable production, all tentpole assets will be written in Global English, or “Globish.”

Global English includes the common spelling used in the majority of the regions being catered to for that asset. For example, if the asset is used for EN-US, EN-UKI, EN-CA, and EN-AU, the asset will be written in Globish.

Other assets created in the region or for specific audience campaigns in a region will use the regional lexicon.


Global English Spelling Conventions

British English words ending in ‘our’ usually end in ‘or’ in American English:

British American
colour color
flavour flavor
humour humor
labour labor
neighbour neighbor

Verbs in British English that can be spelled with either ‘ize’ or ‘ise’ at the end are always spelled with ‘ize’ at the end in American English:

British American
apologize or apologise apologize
organize or organise organize
recognize or recognise recognize

In British spelling ‘L’ is doubled in verbs ending in a vowel plus ‘L’. In American English, the ‘L’ is not doubled:

British American
travel travel
travelled travelled
travelling traveling
traveller traveler

British English words that are spelled with the double vowels ae or oe tend to be just spelled with an e in American English: Although there are exceptions to the rule. For example archaeology is spelt in the same way as British English but archeology would be acceptable in America but is incorrect in the UK.

British American
leukaemia leukemia
manoeuvre maneuver
oestrogen estrogen
paediatric pediatric

Some nouns that end with ‘ence’ in British English are spelled ‘ense in American English:’

British American
defence defense
licence license
offence offense
pretence pretense

Some nouns that end with ‘ogue’ in British English end with either ‘og’ or ‘ogue in American English:

British American
analogue analog or analogue
catalogue catalog or catalogue
dialogue dialog or dialogue


Globish Construction-Specific Words

When writing global assets, use the “Globish” construction term in the introduction/executive summary and then immediately following, address the alternative names for it in differing regions. For example:

We talk about tendering, also known as bidding, but for the purposes of this report it will be referred to as tendering.

No footnotes are required in the asset.

Bidding Tendering Tendering Appel d'offres Tendering Licitación
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