Why are voice and tone important at Procore?

Our brand voice and tone help distinguish and differentiate our brand. When our competitors offer similar products with similar promises of efficiency, Procore’s voice gives us an advantage. It is through our voice that our audience recognizes the values we share.


Let’s define some terms.

Brand Voice

A brand’s voice is a performance of values. It’s a performance because it should compel an audience to react. It’s a performance of values because a brand voice should radiate meaning.

Think of a brand voice as the written and verbal execution of what a company stands for—it takes an otherwise inert set of principles and shapes them into a personhood. It informs every single word we say as a brand.

Brand Tone

A brand voice should be expansive enough to adopt the appropriate tone for the right audience and setting. A brand voice should be constant, but a brand tone should be agile.

For instance, the language we use in an email to remind someone of an upcoming webinar is going to sound different than a script for a Groundbreaker film. And yet, there are threads that connect them. They are of the same source but shaped for a specific utility.

Brand Voice

Inspired and influenced by the industry we support.


Say it with your chest.

Procore's brand voice should mirror the commitment and joy of the people who work in construction. Serious and determined, but always stemming from a deep sense of purpose. It is a passionate voice that speaks in axioms, not bromides.

How they say it:

The road to the future is made with today's BIM software.

How we say it:

See it to build it, perfectly.


Talk the talk.

Inspired by challenge, driven by purpose, and successful in collaboration—our voice finds ways to connect with our audience over the values we share. Choose words and phrases that resonate on a gut level, that allude to the historical impact our audience makes. Understand what the world looks like from their perspective and write like their challenges are ours too.

How they say it:

All-new collaborative construction software for fearless builders.

How we say it:

Put your data to work.


Get to the point. Then, stay there.

We respect our audience enough to tell it like it is. Unadorned, but sharp. This forthrightness mirrors the way our industry does business. Its value is derived from its utility and its utility is derived from simplicity. The poetry of our voice is haiku. The economy of our language is austerity.

How they say it:

Take your electrical estimating workflows to the cloud with Accubid Anywhere.

How we say it:

Solutions as unique as your specialty.


Be the approachable know-it-all.

We know the product and we know the industry. We can talk about both concrete pours and asset management, accounting integrations and machine learning. But what makes our expertise unique is that we always meet our audience where they are. Not the other way around. Technology can be complicated, but our voice is that of a favorite teacher—someone who knows how to say it so it always makes sense.

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